Angel (valarltd) wrote,

State of the Sooky

Busy Day. Mudd and I had brunch at Arby's. The three cheese and bacon angus sandwich is to die for. We went to goodwill, since he needed slacks. I shopped for David. David is rather a nattier dresser when I let him out of tweeds. Laundry, spaghetti with Italian sausage and writing.

I have a muse in mid-identity crisis. DJ Admire is an alcoholic, asexual PI in an urban fantasy Memphis. She exists in the same universe as the gay Christmas werewolves and Cthulhu. All of a sudden she is incredibly hot for a man. She wants him so bad she's practically wetting her seat. And it's pissing her off.

Writing: 1275 on story for Hex Appeal
Editing: none
Reading: Field of Blood, Chessmen of Mars
Workout: none
Flying: none
Crafting: baby blanket
Media: Sons of Anarchy, eps 1-3
Business: none
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