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02 June 2012 @ 09:38 pm
State of the Sooky  
Work was brutal. a 900lb pallet. 30 cases at 30+ lbs each. No mechanical assistance. Just me and a driver. We got it moved.

Cool site: http://buccaneersguild.com/one-hundred-random-post-apocalyptic-junk-items/

Writing: 1977 words on DJ, Current count: 40333 and it's complete. Must go back and do a couple of sex scenes tho.

Editing: none

Reading: Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Dreamscapes and Nightmares

Workout: 15 dance

Flying: swished and swiped, grocery shopped.

Crafting: none

Media: Greatest Story ever Told. I'm live-tweeting it.

Business: none