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08 July 2012 @ 07:21 pm
Dirty Dozen  
A dozen sentences, brought to you by the pic that inspired them:


Barbarossa slung Dylan over the bike, his belly pressed to the seat. "All right, boys, who wants this little bitch's ass? Voice vote is fine."

Dylan couldn't see the men, but it sounded like everyone roared out with approval. He trembled a little, but made himself hold still. Barbarossa wouldn't let them all have him, he had promised. A little voice in the back of Dylan's head asked if that was a real promise or just the casual words of a bandit leader. He held still and listened.

“Well you can't have it. His ass is mine and only mine. Same for his mouth and hands and all the rest of him. I will share if I choose, but it is not free for the taking. And since you are a bunch of greedy assholes, it looks like I need to make sure none of you ever, ever forget who this man belongs to.”