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21 December 2012 @ 07:33 am
It's the Big Yule give away!  
Happy Yule, one and all. You've sat through the sermon. Now it's time for presents!

Here's how we do this.

1) Comments are screened. This means your information will be seen by no-one but me.

2) Go to my website: http://www.brooksandsparrow.com and pick out a book you want
Zombiality, Dragons Composed, Dreams of Steam 1 & 2, and Clockwork Spells are not available in ebook.

3) Leave a comment HERE with the title and your email. I need both or I can't send your ebook. Again, comments are screened. Only I see this information.

4) Enjoy!

(optional) 5) leave a rating and/or review at Amazon.com or Goodreads to boost the book a little.
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