April 29th, 2012


Shopping for muses

So, apparently there is to a LARP set in the Nikolai'verse, now officially the Eight Thrones Cycle, at Fandom Fest. I have been tapped to play David Inman, despite the fact i look nothing like him. So I needed a suit. The first choice was white. But David only wears white when working directly for Benta. Tweed was nice, but none of the tweed suits fit over my biceps.

So, i ended up with wine. A Wine jacket, pale yellow shirt, dove grey tie & pocket square (Lacy pocket square!) that has yellow and wine both in it. I need dove grey pants and shoes. And a fake auricle pierce.


Fandom Silliness answers

So I had a few questions to the fandom silliness meme

1) Seven has invited eight, twelve, six and four to a costume party. How do they each dress? Do any/all of them end up finding out what's under the costume after the party? ;)

While Lex Luthor is exactly the sort to throw a costume party, I'm not sure how this motley crew ended up on his doorstep. Pretty Tara MaClay turns up as a tabby cat, with ears and tail. Charlie Epps tries for macho, and ends up a bit ridiculous, in a gladiator costume. I get the feeling both Han Solo and Maida would miss the point of the party and show up in work clothes. Maida's work clothes are costume enough, with fangs in her ponytail holders and wild metal protrusions. Although, being a party, she might dress for the occasion.

8 and 6. Would they make better soulmates or enemies? Tara and Charlie both cute and shy and smart. Totally soulmates, although Charlie has issues with Tara's magic because he is all Mr. Logical

 9 and 3 need to do a story. What genre would it be?

Murphy McManus and Erik Northman? Total shoe-shopping chick flick.

For the value of "shoe shopping" that means "epic destruction on a grand and explosive scale. Anything with those boys--esp since neither has a problem getting naked is going to be a chick-flick. It probably starts with the boys stopping for a drink at Fangtasia and weirdness ensues.

6, 11, and 14. Fuck, marry, or kill?

Han Solo. That's more a BE, than any of the options. Definitely fuck. probably kill if married.
Dot Warner. Kill. She's fun in 10 minute stretches, then the urge to kill is rising.
Annie Frietas. Marry. Annie is a solid cop, a good woman. The only trouble is gay marriage isn't legal in Memphis, nor is she a lesbian. (Hides the Frietas/Parker femslash before reannon catches me at it.)


4 and 11 got caught in bed together. Was 3 devastated, or did they go with 8 to make 4 and 11 jealous? And was 1 caught watching?

Maida/Dot Warner lesbian sex with Murphy McManus walking in? I think after he gets done giggling he's going to go find Tara for an oblivion charm, but not to make the girls jealous. Maleficent...might just HAVE been watching.

   This is not a femslash pairing I want.