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13 May 2017 @ 09:53 am
So I was pointed to this site

I'm kinda gaga over it. I have a wishlist and everything. I know where I'm directing people shopping for me this holiday season...

My first order should be arriving soon.

I got:
a fidget spinner
a fidget cube
a pentacle necklace
a dragon ear wrap earring
200 stitch markers
a short sleeved top
a long sleeved top
a binder
a pompom maker
a vibrator
two different sets of nipple clamps
a viking tunic
3 pr of compression socks
and a pentacle with a tree of life in the middle

And I paid about $40, because of a half-price code. If I'd been smart, I'd have made one order and gotten it all for about $30. And then thrown in the leather jacket I want.

Clothes, household goods, shoes, electronics, cosplay stuff, pagan and geek stuff, anything you want, all fairly inexpensive. Shipping is SLOOOOOWW, but I can wait until June 17 or 24, because I only paid $2 for a $20 item.

if you order, use the code hnyrfqf for half off. 
And buy that $23 leather jacket.