Angel (valarltd) wrote,

A poll, if anyone is still out here

All right folks, survey time! This is going out on all my social media.

Choose as many as apply

1) How do you prefer to interact/follow/read me?

A) Patreon
B) Website
C) Blog
D) Facebook
E) Twitter
F) Instagram
G) Tumblr
H) Mailing List
I) Newsletter
j) Interpretive Dance
K) Dreamwidth/LiveJournal
L) Telepathy
M) Live chats (Zoom, skype)
N) Podcasts/Youtube

2) What content do you want to see with regard to writing

A) Covers
b) Reviews
c) excerpts
d) Art of Writing
e) Mental casting
f) kidnapped celebrities being forced to act out scenes, with a venmo so we can pay them scale

3) What misc content do you want?

A) Politics
B) Cat pictures
c) Arts and crafts
d) personal updates
e) cat pictures
f) grandkid pictures
g) pagan religion posts
h) cat pictures
i) recipes
j) grandkid pics
k) cat pics
l) memes
m) drag stuff
n) cat pics.
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