Angel (valarltd) wrote,

Feedback for rosesmove

This is part of pun's feedback challenge.

I hit the Weeping Angel Productions Vid Site and was intrigued by the sheer number of vids available. I must confess, i was a bit of a pig and downloaded 8. But I'm only talking about 4 here.

Small Wars. How to describe this? Roses has taken snippets of dialogue and some very clever photomanips (how cute does Tom Welling look in the Tatooine outfit?) and put them together with “The Imperial March” to create this vid. One of my favorite lines of the Holy Trilogy is the “How we doing?/Same as always” bit from Jabba’s Palace, and she gives this to Clark and Jonathan. It’s brilliant, funny, and never hits a false note.

Berzeekee is Scott Joplin’s “Maple Leaf Rag” turned into a silent Smallville movie, a commercial, actually, touting an imaginary product. There are overly-florid title cards (in script!) going on and on about the benefits. Excellent use of freaks of the week, and the black and white filter make this look much older than it is. The one thing that jars is the lone color clip where Berzeekee promises to make your colors brighter.

“Heartbreaker” is a much more conventional song interpretation vid, showing Lex and his women. Since most of it is Season 1, I don’t recognize most of the women. The steady parade is exhausting, and the point is clearly made that Lex des break hearts regularly, whether he intends to or not. The vid is beautifully constructed and everything hist on the beat, especially the opening and the Lana segment.

“If I were a Drinker” is quite possibly the perfect slash vid. It rates right up with Diana Williams’ “Come what May.” It’s Smallville, using a Travis Tritt hurting song (and very few have ever hurt like Travis). She carefully sets up the Clark/Whitney slash, then inserts Lex. The clips are perfectly timed to the slow phrasing, and she avoids repetition even on the choruses. The last scene is just heartbreaking.

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