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11 December 2006 @ 06:40 am
Fannish greed or success?  
I remember years ago, being told by a BNF to write what moved me, because if I just wrote for the feedback, there would never be enough to satisfy.

Good advice. But squelching at the same time. It said, without really saying, "you're only writing for yourself because no one else is really interested."

These days, I find my output goes up when I have a recent release or a shiny new contract. I'm excited about a sale and I get all "oo must sell more!"

On the other hand, when I haven't been selling for a few months, I start getting blah. "I'm really just writing for myself."

I am reminded of the old saying "Them as has, gets," and "Nothing succeeds like success." Selling a story makes me want to write and sell more. Selling more makes me want to do even more. It all works as a cycle.

This all came about because I was looking over my writing plans for the next year and reading my Phaze contract. (It has to be fixed, it lists my co-author's pen name as her real, and vice versa)

But at base, I wonder, is it because I will never get enough feedback? Is it because I am just greedy? The feedback wasn't enough, I had to have hard-copy trib zines. Trib zines weren't enough, I had to have a sales check. Sales checks weren't enough, I had to have royalties. Now, royalties aren't enough. I want paperbacks!

Doesn't matter. I'm a writer. And if tomorrow all of the publishing went away, I'd still write.
hlglne: vwaynehlglne on December 12th, 2006 04:31 pm (UTC)
write for me, baby...