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The Den of Debauchery's Subannex

Or How I spend my Online-Days

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17 November 1967
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I became a fangirl in 1977. I got into organized fandom in the early 80's, dropped out, went off to college and forgot the whole thing.

Buffy converted me back to fandom and my first love, Star Wars, was rekindled with the release of the prequels. I got into slash with Buffy, and when I saw the SW subtext, I finally realized why I'd been uncomfortable all these years. I went multifannish.

Lately, I've moved into original GLBT romance, publishing mostly with Torquere Press. Links to where the stories may be purchased are at http://www.angelsparrow.com

I have a husband, 4 kids and a hyper cat who thinks he's Irish.

Hobbies include crochet, crafts, writing cookbooks and reading. I used write fanfiction, but since writing is an essential part of my sanity I don't classify it as a hobby.

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